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Some real estate private sale candidates think that there is something magical that an agent has that they may not. In reality many agents would feel more pressure than some owners given that they may have a months wages riding on the outcome of the negotiation.
First of all, taking a stock market approach to real estate investing is a bad way to think. There is a vast world of difference between a quick buck made from a day trader and a solid invest in property in Poland. In fact, if you are looking at purchasing a property for a short-term gain be prepared to be let down. A more realistic approach would be to get into the market, buy a property, fix it up and flip it. That could take anywhere between eight to twelve months if you're lucky. However, it can certainly become a practical approach towards building your financial independence.
Sellers and real estate agents ultimately want you to buy that property. So what they're telling you is most likely the rosy scenario, not the actual scenario. If the property has been a rental, ask the seller for his Schedule E form from his taxes. It'll show his ACTUAL revenue and expenses, or at least the ones he reported to the government. What you can expect to earn is somewhere between what he reported to the IRS and what he's promising you.
As most of you would be aware of, Google has its own online advertising program called Google AdWords. You can pay them up and advertise anything you want in the Google network. The network consists of numerous sites under their banner like Google, Gmail, blogger, Orkut etc and some other premium partner sites like AOL, Amazon etc. The keyword targeted ads appear in those sites according to their relevance with the content in the page. For example if you are searching to buy house from owner properties in Google, you will notice some ads of real estate developers on the right side of the page. They normally contain some attractive catchphrase and a little bit of information (there is character limit!). If you click such an ad it will take you to their homepage.
There is generally an outline of what to do and forms available to print out. If there is nothing listed then check with the local tax office. Generally speaking, the sheriff's office usually handles an actual sale.
With your notes on the other comparable Fresno buying a house in Warsaw, you can feel good about features in your home that are better. You now want to take your home to the next level by doing low cost clean ups, improvements and adjustments to the features of your home. Do the low cost things you saw in the competitions homes that you can do in yours.
Have you ever come across the situation where a good property has been listed, and it is then advertised for a couple of months with little result? Soon you can see that the enquiries coming in are few and far less than desirable.