How to Know When Your Perfume Has Expired

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When you consider the price levels of most perfumes, it can be difficult to decide whether you have a perfume that you need to remove for a long time or not.

As a child, I remember seeing rows and rows of bottles neatly placed in my mother's closet (probably having at least twenty brightly colored bottles of various shapes and sizes). -op). And now that I'm older, I can say I have a collection of twenty perfumes, so no more.

Over the years, I've been given a fragrance for every holiday you can think of, from birthdays to Christmas to Valentine's Day. However, my growing collection has made me think about whether the perfume will expire.

Does the perfume really disappear? If so, how would you say that?

Below, three of the leading perfumers in the country share everything they know about the life of a perfume and how you can know when your favorite perfume has expired.

Has the perfume expired?
Unfortunately, once the perfume bottle is opened, it will expire over time. I know this is sad news, especially if you have some open perfumes in the bathroom.

But the good news is that an open odor can last for about two years on average.

"Spraying perfume allows the air in the bottle to oxidize odors over time," said Clement Gavarry, a senior perfumer at Firmenich, who is working to create many famous fragrance brands for brands such as Giorgio Armani, Calvin Klein, Tom Ford and Chloé. "You'll notice a drastic reduction in the signature of the scent itself, it's not a scent that sparkles."

But how long the perfume lasts also depends on the method of storage. "If the odor is hidden from the sun and high temperatures, it will last a long time," Gavarry added. "When the scent is stored at high temperatures, the juice is faster and has a shelf life of three to six months."

How long will the perfume last if it does not open?
It's a question you can ask yourself every time you get a new bottle of perfume, and honestly, there's no expiration date on the bottle, it's hard to say.

According to Jacques Huclier's Givaudan perfume, which produces perfumes for brands such as Gucci, Thierry Mugler and Hugo Boss, an unopened bottle of perfume can last for several years, depending on the method of storage. "I recently had the opportunity to rate an unopened bottle of perfume from the 80's and it was just as new," Huclier said. "There is no fundamental rule, every perfume has a different life."

As such, it's definitely a good idea to finish one bottle before using another. How do you know the perfume has expired?
You can tell if the perfume has expired by the fact that the scent is a bit pungent, especially when the top notes oxidize. May have a slight metallic odor.

"Oxygen in the air can change some molecules that smell over time," Huclier said. "In general, top notes such as citrus, fruit, aromas, greens and patchouli are the most prone to oxidation. Another sign that the perfume has expired is a change in color [juice]. But the good thing is that perfumes last longer than ever before, because many perfumes today use stabilizers and UV filters, which make the molecules less prone to oxidation.

The best way to check if a perfume has expired is to spray it on a piece of paper to see if you can find it off the note. This method also ensures that you don't have to smell all day, especially if it's over.

"You can also check to see if the color or hue of the juice itself has changed; if it looks darker or has a yellow hue, it usually means the odor has been oxidized," Gavarry said.

Finally, a friend's trusted nose can also help you determine when it's time to blow up a perfume. Ask someone for their opinion.

Can you extend the shelf life of the perfume?
Keep perfumes away from any heat source. Oxygen, light and heat are the biggest enemies of perfume. "To prolong the life of the perfume, it is best to store it in a cool, dark place, away from heat and sunlight, as UV light can damage the scent and destroy its composition," he said. Gabriela Chelariu, senior perfumer Firmenich, who produces perfumes for brands such as Nest, Gwen Stefani, JLo and Abercrombie Fitch. "Storing perfume in the fridge is the best climate and place to store it."

There are also some Perfumes that are likely to last longer than others."In general, oriental scents with spicy, woody and vanilla tones are more likely to last longer than other scents in different olactic categories," says Chelariu. "The nature of the natural ingredients in these samples is stronger and structurally stable." Huclier added that these rich base tones are less volatile and more resistant to oxidation because they are less vulnerable.

What happens if you use a perfume after its expiration?
Nothing much except a little smell. "It's not very common for someone to have a bad reaction to a past perfume," Chelariu said. "There is a natural oxidation process that takes place in the life of every perfume and can produce juice compounds that can irritate certain skin types."