Shu Xiang family

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Apart from several of the strongest zodiac warriors,Walking tape measure, the members of this team are relatively complete. At this time, this guy is looking around for the injured female players in other teams, rushing to help them treat their injuries.

Shuxiang said with a smile, "Second Sister's courtyard looks pretty big to me. Anyway, it's a two-in-two-out courtyard.". It's more suitable for the third uncle and his wife to live here. The most important thing is that it is very close to the big lady's courtyard. In the past, the old lady knew that the second sister was filial. In order to take good care of the big lady, she chose that courtyard specially. Now that the third uncle and his wife are going to move in, they naturally want to be more close to the first lady, but if they are far away, it is not good. As for the servants and the accompanying rooms, there are still a lot of empty houses in the alley near the back street. My two accompanying rooms are also living there now. It's cheap to come in as a servant every day. The second lady heard this. With a smile on his face, he nodded. She also felt that the courtyard where Ning Ruoxia used to live was the most suitable place for Third Daughter-in-law, but although Third Daughter-in-law had been married for a short time, her reputation had already spread. The Second Lady knew that she was an unruly person and did not want to confront her directly, so she wanted to arrange it as properly as possible. Although Ning Ruoxia's courtyard is a little smaller, it is good because of its location. It is not far from the residence of the old lady and the big lady. And Ning Ruoxia has only been married for a few months, and the yard over there is still under the care of someone, so it won't be too much trouble to clean it up. Shuxiang naturally understood the Second Lady's concerns and thoughts, so she suggested that if Third Daughter-in-law really disliked the small size of the courtyard, she could use filial piety to stop her mouth. Third Daughter-in-law took the initiative to move in. Although anyone with a discerning eye knew that Third Daughter-in-law wanted to meddle in the affairs of the inner courtyard, she could not give this reason directly,Horse weight lbs, so it was a high-sounding excuse to say that she had moved in to show more filial piety to the first lady. Since Third Daughter-in-law had used this excuse, the Second Lady arranged for her to have the courtyard closer to the First Lady's residence. It's a matter of course. Third Daughter-in-law could not say anything. Since the courtyard is a little small, it is also in the inner courtyard. Third Daughter-in-law's companion room was naturally not easy to live in again, so she could only go to the alley in the back street where the servants of the Ning Mansion lived. In this way, the number of people around Third Daughter-in-law was weakened invisibly. If Third Daughter-in-law wanted to go into the inner courtyard to show her skills, Shuxiang and Second Lady naturally had to prepare in advance. But Third Daughter-in-law wouldn't easily let her own people live in the back street, and if she really talked to the Second Lady and the Old Lady about it,tape measure clip, Shuxiang had already said that even her companion room lived there, so what reason did Third Daughter-in-law have to accompany the room to live in the inner courtyard? In terms of status and position, Third Daughter-in-law could not surpass the fragrance of books, so it was better to follow the rules of the Ning Mansion. This method not only satisfied Third Daughter-in-law's request, but also left a lot of room for the second room. The Second Lady looked at Shuxiang's belly again and said, "You've always been the cleverest one, and naturally you know what's going on over there. But you'd better not worry too much now. Everything has me and the old lady. Now you just take good care of it and give birth to the baby." Shuxiang stroked her round belly with a smile and said, "Don't worry, my daughter-in-law knows the importance." Of course she knew this, and now nothing was more important than the baby in her belly. The two of them talked for a long time before the second lady got up and left. The next day, Yan Xiang came to see the fragrance of books. As usual, she brought a lot of supplements: "Sister Qi, eat more. If it's not enough, Fiberglass tape measure ,Surveyors tape measure, just send someone to my house to get it." Shuxiang chuckled and said, "Sister Wu is becoming more and more generous." Yan Xiang blushed slightly: "There are no good things in our family, and only these can be taken out." Shuxiang knew that the lack of fame in the Song family had always been a thorn in Yanxiang's heart, so she paid great attention to these aspects. Shuxiang changed the subject: "Today I invited Sister Wu to come, not for anything else. It's just that the last time I heard Sister Wu talk about opening a shop, I didn't find out. I don't know what shops in the capital are doing better now." When Yanxiang heard Shuxiang ask about this, she knew that Shuxiang had the intention to open a shop, so she began to talk about it in detail: "Our sister-in-law opened a southern goods shop. Although the shop is not big, the business is very good.". It's just that you know we don't have much money at home, so we have to do these businesses that don't require too much capital. If the younger sister has this idea, naturally there is a better business to do. ” Shuxiang asked with interest, "Oh?"? What business is that? Yanxiang said with a smile, "Actually, I don't know anything. I just heard your brother-in-law say a few words, and I remember it.". Nowadays, there are many businesses in the capital that have opened shops, such as restaurants, silk shops, cloth shops, groceries, medicine shops and sea goods houses. Needless to say, the streets are full of these shops. Where can we earn a lot of money? Like the south goods shop opened by the eldest sister-in-law, it was only because of its good location and familiarity that it was done, but it was just to get enough food and clothing. Your brother-in-law said that if you want to make money, you still have to make an issue of the word "trick". Shuxiang could not help nodding: "What the fifth brother-in-law said is very true." Yan Xiang was encouraged and went on to say, "There are so many dignitaries in the capital. Naturally, there is no shortage of silver. It is rare for them to do what they like.". For example, the same is to make lamps, the most expensive goods in the oil lamp shop is only a few taels of silver, but the lanterns are different, the materials alone need to use glass, jade, gold foil and other things, not to mention exquisite workmanship, complex patterns, which are used by the imperial relatives, how many people have silver can not buy it! Shuxiang said thoughtfully, "Does the fifth sister mean that she can open a glass lamp shop?" Yan Xiang said with a smile, "It's not just the glass lamp, but also the gem lamp, the silk lamp, the gold foil lamp.." There are a lot of patterns. Your brother-in-law knows a man whose family's ancestral craft is to make lanterns. On the fifteenth day of the first lunar month,Walking measuring wheel, he sent two lanterns to our family. They are really exquisite and rare. Shuxiang asked, "Since he can do it himself, isn't it just time to open a lantern shop?"? He must have made a lot of money. 。