Return of the Empress

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"Master Guan, you're joking. All the people here are guests. How can there be any suspicious people?" Waiter replied with a smile.

"Master Guan, you're joking. All the people here are guests. How can there be any suspicious people?" Waiter replied with a smile. Si Hao frowned. What kind of answer is that? Is there a wounded man in this inn? The wicked thief must have been badly hurt by his own sword. The injured? Oh, there is one who lives in the second room of Tianzi, just now. Before the waiter had finished speaking, Sihao and others had already gone upstairs. Chief, let's go in.. Said one of the yamen runners. No, we don't know if that's who we're looking for right now. I'll try him first. You ambush at all the exits, just in case. Si Hao knocked on the door. Feng Yinxue was taking a nap when he heard a group of people outside his door, listening to their conversation as if they were looking for someone, but they should not be looking for him, right? Saya also felt it, officer? Maybe it's the wrong person. It's okay. Go back to sleep. At that moment there was a knock at the door. Feng Yinxue opened his eyes, filled with doubts, and shouted, "Who is it?" "I'm Sihao. I'm a captor in the city. Can you open the door and see me?" If that person, at this time is not anxious to escape, it must be quite flustered. However, when the door opened, he saw a face full of doubts. What can I do for you? Feng Yinxue looked at the handsome man dressed in official clothes,wire nail making machine, who gave people a sense of righteousness, and secretly sighed, "I can't imagine that a small Jiacheng can also give birth to such a person." Oh, I heard from the waiter that you were injured, so I came to ask if something had happened. After all, it's not peaceful here recently. Si Hao looked straight into the eyes of the wind and snow, trying to see a clue from his eyes, but he was disappointed,Automatic Nail Making Machine, the eyes of the wind and snow looked so honest. I was just sleeping outside, accidentally burned by the fire, "Lingyun villa everything happened is so incredible, even if said to people may not be believed, he linked arms on the clothes," regardless of other people's things, is not too careless. " Sihao glanced at the wound on his hand. Indeed, it was the mark of a fire burn, but that did not mean that he was not suspected at all. What about his body? Then I'm worrying too much, mainly because it's not peaceful now, especially this month, which really makes people panic. Sihao said as he continued to observe the expression of the man in front of him. Is there something wrong here? The wind and snow could see that the man in front of him was watching him, as if to find something from him. In the past two months, Nail machine manufacturer ,wire nail machine manufacturers, many women have disappeared in the city. When they were found, they were all dead. They were all naked and died in a very tragic way. According to the examination, they had been defiled before their death. ***ing whore! As he spoke, Sihao's eyes turned red as he looked at the wind and snow. Is there such a thing? Wind and snow, after all, just entered the city, these things have not heard, "the villain caught?" "Last night, the thief committed another crime, which happened to be discovered by us. I fought with him several times. He was stabbed in the left shoulder by me, but he still ran away." "Stabbed with a sword or escaped?" Feng Yinxue always felt that something was wrong and he was injured. Injured Suddenly he understood: "You have made a mistake. I am not him. I don't have a sword wound on my shoulder. Please come in. You can see it for yourself." Closing the door, Fengyuanxue pulled down the clothes on his left shoulder, bright and clean, where did the sword wound come from? At this moment, but Si Hao felt embarrassed, "I'm really sorry, I." Feng Yinxue tied his clothes. "It doesn't matter. You also want to catch the villain as soon as possible.". Forgive me for asking, but does the man really have no clue? Wind and snow are wind and snow after all, and his heart will always care about all the people in the world involuntarily. So far, no clue. Since he's not the one he's looking for, Sihao doesn't hide anything. What do those women have in common? If the target is focused, it should also be possible to narrow the search. Chapter 23 Sikong Lan stretched out her hand to break the mirror. At this time, she remembered that she was not an entity. "I'd better go back first. Anyway, I already know it's here. Later, I can come right away.". "She turned to leave, when a spooky voice sounded in the room:" If you're here, why are you leaving so soon? Delicious Delicious. A once-in-a-century gem.. How interesting A strange wind came out of the mirror and rolled Sikong Lan into the mirror. In a twinkling of an eye, she was also nailed to the wooden frame. Looking at the scarlet around and the tragic situation of those women, and smelling the erosion from the pool of blood, "Do I really want to die here today?"? Not allowed! Absolutely not! It was not easy for me to find my happiness. Snow is still waiting for me. I can't die like this! Sikong Lan struggled hard. How interesting Useless.. Thought it was a lonely soul, every thought it would be a spirit body, heaven has a way you don't go, hell has no way you just broke in. Ha-ha A dark shadow appeared in front of Sikong Lan's eyes. Yes, the whole body was shrouded in darkness. What do you want? "How is it?"? The food delivered to the door is naturally to be eaten, especially such an excellent soul! The shadow moved in front of her. Sikong Lan finally saw his true face, monster! That's definitely a monster! Green eyes, pointed ears, a bright red mouth, and.. There are two fangs on the lip. The genie licked his lips. "Where do you want to taste it?" His eyes began to wander on Sikong Lan, and finally stopped on her snow-white neck. "The essence of the soul will soon belong to me!" He bit into it. Uh Sikong Lan only felt that her neck seemed to be pierced by a sharp object, and then something important on her body was slowly losing, her consciousness had begun to blur, snow. "Ah!!!" The monster suddenly screamed, then fell to the ground,Nail machine supplier, pointing at Sikong Lan: "How can you have his spirit?!"! I'm going to die.. I'm going to die. He began to beat himself repeatedly, and his body seemed to be corroded by something, and finally turned into a pool of black water.